Week 1


Week 1 completed! And what an exhausting week it was. This morning I slept in until 8:17. It was glorious! And then I realized that I missed breakfast. Dang it.

IMG_5090I know it doesn’t really look like I’ve been working this week, but I really have! I got up early every morning, ate breakfast, met with the work crew, and they put me to work doing random things. We placed stones around culverts and bridges, raked gravel, painted parking lots, and picked up trash.

To be honest, I wasn’t really thrilled the first day (I came out a week early for THIS?!). But I wouldn’t have met all of these awesome people if it wasn’t for work crew, so I suppose it was a good thing. Every night we did something fun: milkshakes in Cimmaron, night climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, movies in the SSSAC, or just sitting around chatting. There are some cool people here :)

IMG_5107Yesterday was a day off for the work crew. Hallelujah! I went to church in the morning, and the afternoon we spent in Taos. What a unique little town, I’ve really missed it.


Today is another day off, and tomorrow I begin PC training with the other staff from Whiteman. I’m so ready for the season to begin!

Some other random facts of the week: I’ve cut two people’s hair. TWO! It’s a little awkward, since we have to do in the bathroom, and there isn’t really a place to sit, but so far they don’t mind it.

I really love church out here. Attending church in a small building, with a few other dedicated members, is more of a testimony builder than attending in Utah, where every street has it’s own chapel.

Other Valle Vidal staff that I have met and talked with this week are all banking on not making it through the summer in our designated camps. The fire danger is incredibly high right now, and we desperately need rain. Elder Wilson (the LDS Chaplain) told me yesterday that they have been preparing for this. They are now considering relocating entire Valle Vidal programs to different areas on the ranch. They are in the process of turning trail camps, into staffed camps. Isn’t that interesting? We’ve experienced extremely low rainfall for the past 5 years, and if it continues like this, I am wondering if they will take the Valle Vidal completely off the map for future seasons. That would be really sad.

I pray every day for rain. We really need it out here.


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