It Happens

These past couple of weeks having been very trying. I’ve made a fool out of myself more times than I’d like to count, and I’ve struggled to accept the fact that Philmont is a place for growth and learning, and not just for participants. I make mistakes. “It happens” has been my mantra.


I crashed and got some gnarly road rash. It happens.

I decided to go for a 4 mile hike the other day, and I got a little turned around and ended up hiking 20 miles. It happens.

IMG_5326I’ve been especially grateful for my fellow staff members this week. They are very patient with me.


Some highlights of the week: I made it up Pudding Hill! Pudding Hill is the hardest technical hill on the entire bike course. It’s rocky, and steep, and the trail leading up to it is full of water bars, so it’s almost impossible to gain speed before hitting the rocks. It requires a lot of strength and technical skill. Neither of which I have, which is why I’m still on cloud 9 just thinking about it.

I climbed Little Costilla yesterday. Only after summitting did I realize just how challenging that hike is. There are no trails leading to the top, just a broken down barbed-wire fence, that likes to disappear randomly. The top of Costilla has 2 false peaks, which makes the last hour of the climb super frustrating. I saw a Marmot at the top, though, and that was pretty cool.

Fire restrictions were lifted for Philmont and the Carson National Forrest. We’ve been getting dumped on pretty much every day. Whiteman Vega is now overrun with frogs! I still can’t figure out where they came from.

Tomorrow I head back for another set. Send me good vibes, and pray that I don’t burn anything down. But just remember: sometimes, it happens.


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