IMG_5204Check out this transformation. This was the yurt/meadow just a few days after we moved in…

IMG_5260And this is the meadow now!


Isn’t it gorgeous?

I love the rain. Unfortunately, it is almost always accompanied by lightning and hail, which is super scary, especially when riding across a big meadow on a metal bike. The guys tell me that I’ll be fine, however, since the bikes also have rubber tires… Yeah. That makes total sense.


This is my job. To live out here and watch sunsets like this every night. Some one pinch me, please.


In addition to the green grass, we’ve also encountered these lovely purple flowers. We also have a pond, with tad poles in it. I recently bought a blowup swimming pool floaty, and I’m very excited to try it out on our new pond. Wish me luck.

I have no other news to update with, this week was rather uneventful (thank goodness!). I head back tomorrow for what will hopefully be another set of uneventful days!


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