Last Leg


The season is almost over. Right now I am on my last set of days off before I leave for good. Where did the summer go?!

I don’t remember feeling this way last time. Last time I was excited for Provo and school, and living with my sister. This time around, I have more of an idea of what the fall is going to be like, and the prospect of having to look for a job, and do math homework again, is not making me super pumped to leave Philmont.

I am excited to be living in Texas again, however. I’d probably refuse to leave if I knew that I’d have to endure another freezing, Utah winter again. I’m looking forward to being near family and friends, and a familiar place.

We’ve had lots of visitors the past couple of days, and all of them leave saying “I’m applying here next summer.” I’m realizing more and more just how lucky I am that I got to work at this camp this summer. It’s a very sought after position, and I’m sad to be leaving it!

The other day I over heard a Scout talking to one of his crew members and say, “I could never work here. I’d have to live in a tent.”

What?! That’s exactly why I do this every year. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m not viewing any of these sunsets or seeing the herds of Elk on Television. It’s happening right in front of me. And I’m living in it. Mind blown.