Rain, rain, go away…


We’ve been experiencing quite a bit of rain this week. Rain means no program. No program means… we have seed spitting contents in the cabin. Gross, I know. But we gotta stay entertained. 



We aimed for a map of the camps and their AORs on the wall. We also developed a point system, so it’s a pretty big deal now. The bigger the AOR, the smaller the number of points. Everyone wants to try and hit Hunting Lodge. 5 big ones of you can get that one. 

IMG_8018 IMG_8020 IMG_8025

I actually went hiking this set of days off! I usually talk myself out of it, since I’m a terrible navigator, afraid of mountain lions, and never have anyone to go with. But I finally decided to just get out there and visit some other places. I’m so glad I did! I had a blast! The first night I spent at Clark’s Fork, and pretty much just obsessed over their kitten the whole time. He (or she, they still haven’t figured out the gender) has an extra toe on each foot. So adorable. 



The next morning I hiked down to Hunting Lodge, up to Window Rock, down Hidden Valley to the backside of Cimarroncito, back through Hunting Lodge and to the turnaround where I parked my car. 

Window Rock was amazing. The view is incredible, and I will definitely be doing this hike again. Cimarroncito is a climbing camp, and has an awesome vibe. I really enjoyed having lunch with the staff members there. 


This week was a long one. The monsoon season has begun. Thunderstorms, rain, and hail are frequent visitors in the afternoon. We had one day this week where we were completely fogged out (is that a word?). The visibility and the temperature dropped, everything got soaked, and in general the morale of the whole camp went down. The next morning, I laid in bed and wondered what sort of day it was going to be. I almost didn’t want to get up, for fear that it’d be cloudy and gloomy again. When I opened my tent flaps, I saw sunshine! You would not believe how relieved I was. 

It got me thinking… If we had a forecast for our lives, we’d probably see a lot of rain. Lightning, and hail, too. Sometimes, the forecast calls for heavy fog; confusion so thick, we can’t see one foot in front of the other. I sure am grateful for those moments of sunshine, however infrequent they may be. But even if the sun isn’t shining, like yesterday when I was on top of Window Rock, the view is still pretty good :) 




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