Bucket List

This week was pretty incredible. I actually crossed something off my bucket list. In general, I’d say I’m pretty motivated, and if I make a list, I’ll get everything done within a reasonable time frame. Over the years, however, I have accumulated a rather ambitious number of things I’d like to do in my lifetime, and with so many years to accomplish it, I haven’t really put any effort into actually doing them. This week an opportunity arose, and I jumped on it, and it felt so good! I climbed a fourteener in central Colorado.


It certainly gave me a taste for more difficult and rugged adventures, and I’m positive that a few more big mountains are going to be added to my to do list.


After Taylor and I summited Mt. Democrat, we drove home, stopping by Colorado Springs for a quick poke around. We did the usual: visited the Garden of the God’s, only for a quick second because it was way too crowded, got pictures with the famous Pikes Peak, ate McDonalds, and hit up a goodwill. Solid visit.


We stopped at the WalMart in Trinidad, an absolute must when you are living in the backcountry and have very limited resources, and I found a 4-feature film that was on sale. I figured I had one more day off before I went back to HOD, all I wanted to do was relax, I would just watch movies all day! Well come to find out, every single movie in the 4-pack was a Nicholas Sparks film. I recognized a couple of them, but I thought the others were just chick flicks. Nope. All Nicholas Sparks. Lovers were dying left and right. So yesterday became more of a cry-fest than anything. And today I head back to HOD!


As far as HOD life goes, things are going well. We just got a new staff member, Sarah, who I knew pretty well from last year. She’s a hoot, high energy, and dang good at ultimate frisbee, so she fits in perfectly at camp. I can’t believe the season is almost over. I have 2 weeks exactly until I come home. It’s bittersweet, of course. This place really is something special. I will miss the quiet, living in a tent, and using my own two feet as my main mode of transportation.

I cannot wait to come home, though. Things have finally come together for A&M, and I’m excited to start school, meet some cool people, and hopefully have a really awesome time. I’m especially grateful that A&M isn’t too far from home, and I can see my parents frequently.

I have one more set off before I come home, and I know exactly what I’m going to do with it: I’m gonna go ride some bikes at Whiteman Vega.


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