The End

The season is coming to a close. We are getting fewer and fewer crews each day. As hard as it is to say goodbye to everyone, the last week of Philmont is one of my favorite parts of summer. Fewer crews means we’re less exhausted each day, and we stay up later playing games and hanging out as a staff. There’s always a lot of goofing around going on at the end of the summer.

This week I took a Japanese crew out on the course. They didn’t speak any English, except for an advisor. He translated all my instructions. Even though I couldn’t understand a single thing they were saying, I could tell that they had a great crew dynamic, and they worked together well. It was a very fun, and interesting experience. The only thing I could say to them that they understood was “ikimashou”, which means “let’s go!”. I said it once to them, and they all enthusiastically yelled “ikimashou!” It was hilarious.

This week we had our philfiesta. A philfiesta is just a big party for all the staff members that is hosted by one of the backcountry camps. Typically they have a theme or a special activity involved. Ours was chicken themed. I couldn’t tell you why HOD likes chickens so much, but we do. We didn’t do anything chicken related, we just had a bunch of rubber chickens lying around, and a giant cardboard cutout of a chicken that everyone signed.


We also served bear at out philfiesta. I’ve never had bear before, but it wasn’t too bad. Everyone said it had a “gamey” flavor, but I couldn’t recognize what that was. It just tasted like really tough beef to me!

Yesterday I went up to Whiteman Vega for their philfiesta. The activity was the same as last year: time trials. My time was 2:23. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. I sure miss mountain biking. I didn’t take my bike up this year because I didn’t think I’d ever have a chance to ride it. You aren’t allowed to ride bikes on the trails on Philmont property. But then I realized that there are plenty of roads in the backcountry, and they’re almost as good as trails. Oh well, maybe next year.

6 more days until the end.